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Engeriekabel 0,6/1 kV


For industrial- and wiring purposes. Usable in the open, in dry, damp and wet environments in the open and concealed,
as well as in masonry and in beton, not suitable for imbedding in solidified or compressed concrete.
Outdoor usage is only possible, as long as the cable is protected against direct sunlight.


DIN VDE 0276-604:2008-02,<br>DIN EN 50575 VDE 0482-575:2017-02,<br>HD 604 S1

Norm CE

CE = Das Produkt ist konform zur EG-Niederspannungsrichtlinie 2014/35/EU.

Inner Conductor

Kupferleiter blank nach DIN VDE 0295<br>Kl. 1 bzw. Kl. 2, HD 383

Core Insulation

vernetzte Polyethylen-Mischung 2XI1

Core Color

nach HD 308 S2

Stranding Elements

mehradrige Kabeln in Lagen verseilt

Outer Insulation Material

halogenfreie Polymermischung HM4

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